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    En ce moment, je comprends et parle français un peu seulement. (19/09/2017)

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Which one? 03/06/2018

Which one?
Which one?
Which one?

Which one?
Which one?


Deciding on a cover for my novel, which will be out this summer. I'm torn between the top/first three. I like the colours of Cover 1, as does my mother. My firstborn likes Cover 4 because, "It looks just like Fortnite," and one of my cousins likes Covers 3 and 5.

Cover 2 was the first cover that I made in this set and was taken at Van Dusen Gardens. I'd never have taken it if a woman hadn't asked me if I could move so that she could take a photo of her daughter in front of the maze. I went to stand next to the woman, and when I did, I saw this view of the maze. So that was a fortuitous encounter!

The story begins on midsummer and I want an image which conjures up that time and the shortest night of the year.

Filipina face mask 09/05/2018


Au naturel

Rin's Stuff: Just editing 05/05/2018

Rin's Stuff: Just editing
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Shedding a skin 18/04/2018

Amaterasu? Non, ce n'est pas elle. 13/04/2018